LED Lighting Device

The Module is a universal lighting device using light emitting diode (LED) system – designed with the latest environmentally friendly technology. With a power requirement of just 12 watts, equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent bulb, this allows for maximum energy efficiency and a long lifespan. In addition the module will also be accompanied by a universal adapter that enables it to work with universal voltage 110 V or 220 V.

Warm Color Style

The light module has a color temperature of 3,000 K – bringing out warm grounding colors (yellowish white through red). With this warm relaxing impression, the Module is perfectly suited for the interior decoration of the house, restaurant, or hotel.

Green Invesment

The Noorside mission to utilize LED lighting technology is integral to our participation in creating green living systems.
The Module has a lifespan of up to 22 years or a total of 70,000 hours.
We give a 5 year warranty on our Module system. The returned module will be recycled and reused to reduce the waste.


Designed and produced by a professional technician and manufacturer, the Module consists of four main parts:

  1. Module cap, made of carbon steel with a choice of three slots and 4 slots according to the shade construction. Other than as a swivel cover, it’s also an element of the touch dimming with 5 light levels (6%, 18%, 50%, 99%, and off)
  2. Module body, Construction of the module body consists of a PC diffuser which plays an important role in helping to spread the light from the LED and makes the light warmer. On the top there is swivel rotatable 0° – 360° and can be raised down (till) 0° – 30°. This system makes the shade adjustment more user-friendly. The inner part of the Module body consists of 6 strips of LED strip board with 7 pieces of LED chip on each strip.
  3. The Base Module, The Module base is made of aluminum so it also serves as a touch dimming bus with a step (6%, 28%, 50%, 99%, off)
DIY Project and Retrofitting

A unique design of the Module is the ability to easily retrofit and create custom DIY lighting designs with our user-friendly Module interface. This is a key feature separating our LED system from other LED lights. It allows for a lot of creativity of new design elements.